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Moisturisers are a mixture of chemical agents that aid in skin hydration to keep skin smoother, vibrant and more appealing. Moisturisers are usually applied in exposed skin areas such as the face, neck, arms, and feet. Moisturisers are made up of natural and artificial oils, humectants, emollients and lubricants. Simple and effective moisturisers can be prepared from two or three simple chemicals, such as stearate, olive oil, water and glycerin. On the other hand, commercial skin moisturisers are usually added with vitamins, nutritive agents, proteins and phototherapeutic agents, which are claimed to address certain skin conditions such as cellulitis, the loss of collagen, wrinkles and age and photo damage with little or no scientific basis at all.

Why do you need moisturisers?

The use of moisturisers is an integral part of our skin care regimen. Regular use of moisturizers can minimize skin drying and hide skin imperfection. Moisturisers also act as a form of protection from excessive exposure from the sun.

Who makes moisturisers?

There are several brands of moisturisers out in the market today. Popular brands of moisturisers are available in the cosmetics section of major shopping malls. Moisturizing products can also be purchased through online sites and direct-selling scheme of multi-level marketing companies and through online sites that offers great discounts upon purchase.

How do I choose moisturisers?

Water-based gel type and the oil-based cream are the most common form of moisturisers found in the market today. To ensure that your skin gets the right moisturizing it needs, you need to know if it is suitable to your skin type. Beauty experts recommend rich liquid-based moisturisers for dry skin, which is thicker and provides the extra moisture needed for this skin type. For oily skin, it is best to use water-based moisturisers as it is light and won't make your skin look damp. It is also recommended to use a heavier moisturizer at night because dry skin needs extra moisture at night. It is also recommended to use herbal moisturisers if you have extremely oily skin. Likewise, it is important to check if you have allergy reaction to any of the chemical components of a certain brand of moisturizer as moisturisers didn't undergo the same safety and efficacy test required for drugs. To identify if you have allergy reactions on certain brands of moisturisers, apply a small amount at the back of your palm to test any allergy reaction. It is also advised to read the product label first to check for any ingredient of certain moisturisers that could trigger skin allergy. Remember, skin moisturisers need not to be too pricey to get the best skin protection, it is best to choose the right brand of moisturiser that suits the need of your skin.

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